Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 Holiday: Driving/Travel Safety

Last week, I discussed the importance of drinking responsibly and alternatives to getting behind the wheel. Over the next few weeks, the highways will be filled with people so plan your trip accordingly and keep safety in mind.  When it comes to the holiday season, weather is always a concern, especially if you are heading to places up North or in the upper Mid-West.  Be realistic about your vehicle’s condition, how far you’re going and who’s driving. 

I am well aware the desire to see loved ones can make driving 14 hours in one day through ice and snow seem like an acceptable risk.  It’s not. Fatigue or drowsy driving WILL affect your reflexes and judgment even if you don’t fall asleep and drive off the road.   Plan for rest stops, more than one driver and make sure you get enough sleep BEFORE hitting the road both to and from your destination.  Better yet, if you’re traveling a long distance, take a train.  You’ll be able to relax and travel safely and at a reasonable cost.
Next week, I will discuss another important safety-related area: cooking and decorating.

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