Monday, September 24, 2012

Speed Bumps


Assuming command a short 48 days ago, I’ve decided to jump in with both feet and start a blog.  My primary purpose in starting the blog is to highlight outstanding units and Sailors that I meet as I travel around the Navy Reserve Force.  I’d also like to generate discussion and get feedback on issues impacting our Navy Reserve Sailors today.

As the Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command, I support the Navy Reserve mission of providing strategic depth and delivering operational capabilities to our Navy and Marine Corps team, and Joint forces, from peace to war.   I do this by delivering Reserve Sailors to their active component gaining commands at the right time with the right skills at the right readiness level.  My goal is to remove any barriers and “speed bumps” our Selected  Reservists  encounter while also maintaining accountability for the resources expended in getting these Sailors to the fleet.  It’s a fine balance. 

So, let’s kick this conversation off! First, sign up to receive my blog posts via email. Secondly, tell me about some of the “speed bumps” you have encountered in supporting your gaining command.   I’ll be using  your feedback to improve the process and am looking forward to starting a productive dialog!

All the best, Clutch