Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebrating the Navy Birthday with NOSC Columbus, Ohio

Hello All and Happy 237th Birthday to our Navy,

Last weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate the 237th birthday of the United States Navy with the Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and citizens of Columbus, Ohio. 

Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC), Columbus and the local Navy League hosted the region's annual Navy Ball which was attended by Sailors from commands in the surrounding area including the Ohio State NROTC Unit, Defense Logistics Agency and the Navy Recruiting District.   During the Ball we paused to recognize those 27 NOSC Columbus Sailors currently on Individual Augmentee (IA) assignments and supporting Navy and combatant commanders across the globe.   

During the dinner I had the pleasure of speaking to a Supply Officer who, in my opinion, was a perfect example of a Continuum of Service.  This officer started his career in the active component then transitioned to the Selected Reserve only to finally accept a permanent recall to active duty - all this while working as a civil servant.  It is amazing to see the opportunities that present themselves … if you are open to them. 

The next morning I spoke with many NOSC Sailors who were busy working hard on their individual readiness.  I was particularly impressed with a Senior Chief who is preparing for his sixth deployment as a Hospital Corpsman.  I also spoke with a young Seabee who, despite the significant restructuring going on in his community,  maintains an optimistic outlook that there will continue to be opportunities out there for hard working Sailors. 

I departed NOSC Columbus impressed with the focus on readiness training, as well as the outstanding examples of the Continuum of Service in action. Their Skipper, CDR John Sterba, certainly runs a tight ship and is very much committed to ensuring the success of his Selected Reserve cadre assigned.The Navy Reserve talent pool is deep;  the expertise our Sailors bring to the Navy, the investment in training we provide and the commitment we have to our Sailor’s personal and professional readiness is the trifecta for excellence.  

As I continue my journeys around the Force, I look forward to seeing other outstanding examples of this excellence everywhere I go. 


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