Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's Inside the 2014 Almanac?

By now most of you will have received the new 2014 TNR Almanac. Our goal for this edition was to give you a resource to help navigate all the programs you use to make your career in the Navy Reserve a success.
While we pride ourselves on the exciting photos and stories of our Reserve Sailors in the monthly TNR magazine, you will find the 2014 Almanac to be completely different in style and design.  Our goal was to provide simple and clear information on programs you need and use, and I think you will find we’ve done that.
We’ve included a whole section on career development to explain the function of each site and how to get there to include your Electronic Service Record, U.S. Navy Awards and Navy e-Learning, among others. We’ve also included the latest Continuum of Service programs to assist you in identifying which program or option best suits your needs and career goals.

For those of you interested in mobilization opportunities, this year’s Almanac provides an overview of the process, how those opportunities are advertised and where to go to put in an application.
These are just a few of the areas covered.   You’ll also find information on medical and educational benefits, reserve retirement as well as other benefits that are available to you and your families.  
You can view the electronic version of the Almanac at:
If you have not received an Almanac in the mail, be sure to update NSIPs with your latest address.
I hope you’ll find the Almanac to be a helpful resource.  I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!!