Monday, September 30, 2013

Facing the Fiscal Challenges Ahead


I’m sure you have all felt some of the effects of sequestration. But, with the new fiscal year comes even greater financial challenges for the Navy and Navy Reserve Force. This year, we face a Continuing Resolution of uncertain duration. It will be an all-hands effort to maintain mission readiness and continue to provide the operational support the Fleet has had over the past decade.

We need to be creative on how we resource this support by maximizing AT, ADT and drills to report for duty at your supported commands. First, the FY-14 Annual Training budget is funded at a similar level as last year. I assure you, if you plan your AT within the published timeline, you’ll get to perform AT. Other types of funding, such as active duty for training (ADT), inactive duty training travel (IDTT) and additional drills may be reduced during the dynamic year ahead.

So what does that mean for the Navy Reserve and the support we provide the Fleet? In a nutshell, we have to place greater importance on how we plan and prioritize the use of our available training days throughout the year. Where we go and how we use our duty days must be determined by mission priorities and critical training requirements. Active or inactive duty is performed for two reasons: readiness training or operational support. Readiness training includes schools, exercises and on the job training with an Active Component command. These types of orders can be funded using AT, ADT, ADT Schools and additional drills. For annual training orders, priority is given to billet training requirements.

Funding for operational support training is distributed to the Active Component to prioritize and execute. We foresee limitations on ADT funds this year, and are taking a conservative approach until a budget is passed. I ask our CO’s and the Sailors who man their units to maintain mobilization readiness while ensuring supported commands fulfill mission requirements to the max extent possible. As you request orders, choose the training wisely to get the most “bang for the buck.”

Navy Reserve Sailors are an essential component of the Navy Total Force. I am often told by commanders they could not do their jobs without the knowledge and skills you bring to the fight. So I am asking you to help me, and the Fleet. We want your suggestions on how best to fulfill Reserve requirements using modern business processes. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!


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