Thursday, February 7, 2013

On Our Fiscal Challenges

The fiscal situation today is challenging for all federal agencies, including the Department of Defense. We are coming up on a decision point, however, and I wanted to take this opportunity to give the force an idea of where we're at now, and where we could be in a few months.  I know you have probably read a few general scenarios in terms of how the continuing resolution (CR) and sequestration may all play out on the Navy at large but I'd like to focus on impacts to the Navy Reserve.

Drill days and AT are statutory, and should remain available for all SELRES Sailors.  Discretionary ADT funding should remain stable but may be reallocated to address changing active component requirements. As a Reserve Force, we will be able to continue to execute our core mission of delivering strategic depth and operational capability to the Navy, Marine Corps and Joint Forces.

FTS and civilian travel, civilian personnel hiring and some aviation functions will be impacted, but we've already taken DoD-wide action to help soften the potential blow.  All nonessential travel and conferences have been suspended.  On the CIVPERS side, a hiring freeze has been put into place.  The Naval Air Force Reserve will see a reduction in maintenance budget and flying hours.  While CNAFR will be able to meet its high priority operational tasking, we will begin to develop a backlog of aircraft awaiting depot-level maintenance as we defer those bills.  I would like to point out that Selected Reserve travel to gaining commands has not been curtailed.  This type of travel will not be directly impacted by sequestration and it is important you continue to support your active component gaining command during turmoil of the coming months.

While these reductions will have some impact on our capability, we're confident we will be able to tighten our belts to get through this intact with minimal mission degradation.  As our leadership in Washington works hard to pass legislation to prevent these measures we must be prepared to act if they are unable to meet the looming deadline.

I ask you all to work with me to conduct our mission as efficiently and effectively as possible without sacrificing the safety and well-being of you and your fellow Sailors. 



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  1. RADM Cutcheon,
    It would be very helpful to more actively promote VADM Braun's 13Feb 1-page memo to the Force on the CR and Sequestration. This should have top billing on At present, there are no comms at all on this subject, except your Blog entry above...and VADM Braun's letter rec'd from a colleague via email.